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Paceman Pro X2 Bowling Machine 2017

Brand: Dimension Sport
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Paceman Reg (Heavy) Balls
Paceman Light Balls
Paceman Pro Ball Feeder

More Information

Paceman Pro X2 Bowling Machine
  • Highly improved 2016 model for the Pro machine
  • Integrated fine tuning length adjustment system to precisely adjust to full and short pitch deliveries
  • Upgraded Titan 1/2 HP heavy duty DC motor
  • Automatic ball feeder compatible (not included) - can be purchased via the drop down list above
  • Adjustable bowling speeds of up to 100kph (with Paceman Light Ball)
  • Easy to assemble, put away and store
  • Able to produce inswing, outswing, off-spin and leg-spin deliveries
  • Can be used with Paceman Red Hard Balls, Light Balls, Junior Balls and Limited Edition Balls
  • Maintenance free concave moulded TPR wheel
Note - The bowling machine only comes with one Paceman Reg Ball. We would recommend that you purchase at least a pack of 12 balls either Reg or Light from the following links (or click on the images below):
Regular Balls -
Light Balls -

Also Note: The automatic Ball feeder is not included with the machine and needs to be purchased separately from the drop down list above.

For External/Outdoor Use:

If you are looking to use the Paceman Pro machine outdoors where there is no access to a wall socket, you will be required to purchase the following three items from a hardware or DIY store (Screwfix / / or similar):
  • Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery - 12 Volts / 22 Amps or more
  • Sinewave Battery Inverter - 600 Watts
  • Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery Charger - 6 Volts / 12 Amps  

For customers ordering from the US (or regions where normal power outlet is below 220-240V):

Paceman bowling machines are manufactured to be used on 220-240V power. In the US for example, the standard power supply is 110-120V from a normal power outlet. To run the machine, a simple pure sine wave voltage converter will need to be obtained which will change the power up to 220-240V (with a Wattage of 1000W or more). 

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Karthik Thirumurugan from USA   5 Stars
Bought a Paceman Pro X2 bowling machine from AJ Sports. The service was super fast even though the product had to ship across the ocean Kudos to Abid and team for answering the questions I had about the product in a timely manner. Totally recommend this site.

Reviewer: Amar from USA   5 Stars
I bought Paceman Pro bowling machine from AJ Sports , quick shipping and the product arrived very quick without any issues. Best deal I could find it over the internet .I will recommend AJ sports !!!

Reviewer: T Stewart from London   5 Stars
If you don't want to spend £2k on a Bola machine, then there is nothing better than the Paceman Pro machine. Very good value for money and like the other posters here, I though AJ Sports' service was excellent.

Reviewer: Matt from Taunton   5 Stars
As a professional coach, I was shopping around for a machine which is affordable and can be used at least 3-4 times a week for a couple of hours at a time. I waited till I had used the Paceman Pro machine for at least half a year before posting this review to see what its like and it has been brilliant. The quality of the build and the machine itself offers a number of options with swing and spin. I have used the Pro machine for my coaching use as well as at my club and regardless of age of the player, this has been an exceptional piece of kit for a very affordable price. I could not recommend it highly enough.

Reviewer: Rohan R from Western Cape, South Africa   5 Stars
Super service provided. Very fast delivery considering it was an international one and the best price on offer. Will use again without doubt for other equipment as well. 5 Stars.

Reviewer: Michael from Herts   5 Stars
Purchased this for our school and it works brilliantly. Much better than expected and you get a super machine for a very affordable price. I would also like to commend the brilliant service provided by AJ and the patience and knowledge shown by them. Very very pleased.

Reviewer: Alan from Cardiff   5 Stars
Thanks for the great service and super fast delivery!

Reviewer: Mohd D from London   5 Stars
Excellent and very easy to use. And also great service provided by the guys at AJ! Thank you!