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Paceman Pitch Attack Bowling Machine 2017

Brand: Dimension Sport
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Paceman Light Balls (Pack of 12)
Paceman Mix Balls (Pack of 6 - LE, Light and Junior Light Balls x 2 each)

More Information

  • Paceman Pitch Attack Bowling Machine 2017
  • The most affordable cricket bowling machine on the market
  • Fully adjustable for full pitch and short pitch deliveries
  • Includes automatic 6 ball feeder
  • Bowling speeds of over 80kph (with Paceman Light Ball)
  • Variable speed, direction and performance of the machine will depend on condition of the ball, the type of ground surface being played on as well as wind and weather conditions and the power output 
  • Easy to assemble, put away and store
  • Able to produce inswing and outswing deliveries

Note - The bowling machine only comes with one Paceman Light Ball. We would recommend that you purchase at least one pack of 6 Paceman Mix Balls or a pack of 12 Paceman Light Balls by selecting from the options above.

For External/Outdoor Use:

If you are looking to use the Paceman Bowling machine outdoors where there is no access to a wall socket, you will be required to purchase the following three items from a hardware or DIY store (Screwfix / / or similar):
  1. Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery - 12 Volts / 12 Amps or more
  2. Sinewave Battery Inverter - 300 Watts
  3. Sealed Laed Acid (SLA) Battery Charger - 1 Amp 

For customers ordering from the US, Canada or regions where normal power outlet is below 220-240V:

Paceman bowling machines are manufactured to be used on 220-240V power. In the US for example, the standard power supply is 110-120V from a normal power outlet. To run the machine, a simple voltage converter will need to be obtained which will change the power up to 220-240V (with a Wattage of 500W or more). 

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Walters from Glasgow   5 Stars
Thanks AJ for all the patience in answering all my questions. Great knowledge and have used the machine a few times now and it is a lot of fun. Thank you for the great service! Will definitely use AJ again!

Reviewer: Pete from Swindon   5 Stars
Couldn't believe that a cricket bowling machine could be this cheap! Love it!

Reviewer: Emma from London   5 Stars
Purchased it for my son and he cannot get enough of it! Finally I have found something which gets him off the tele and his Playstation! Thank you so much for the very detailed information provided by Abid at AJ Sports. Made purchasing this machine a no-brainer!

Reviewer: M Taylor from Victoria, Australia   5 Stars
Excellent product and very fast delivery. Thank you.

Reviewer: Alan from Kent   5 Stars
Bought the Paceman from the wonderful guys at AJ and have used it a few times now. All I can say is WOW! Never thought we would be able to enjoy using a cricket bowling machine unless we shelled out lots of money or used it at nets at one of the major grounds (and still shelled out lots of money!). This is a brilliant, easy to use and very sturdy machine and would recommend to anyone thinking of an affordable alternative. An absolute must have and I can't thank the AJ staff enough for all their help.